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What is the future of storytelling?

Is it possible to design in VR?

Are there any limitations?


          If you have ever imagined turning one of your dreams into an immersive, sensory experience it may be possible sooner than you think. Today, it is possible to blur the lines of reality using VR headsets. VR projects you into the digital realm and is the future of entertainment, design and storytelling. There is only one limitation, your imagination!


          Virtual Reality can be experienced from anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home. VR allows us to better understand scale, lighting, materiality and spatial relationships. The current standard of architectural presentations is passive; interactive VR and entertainment are the beginning of a new age of phenomenological experiences.

How are you going to visualize your future?


Tadao Ando, Avatar, James Turrell


Design and Visualizations

by Eric Reid

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